Enhance your wedding day with the sight and sound of the Great Highland Bagpipes & Small Pipes played by a former Grade 1 World Champion Piper.

Weddings can vary based on the requirements of the bride and groom for their special day.

So here are some options and prices for you to choose from.

These options and prices can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, a consultation is advised to ensure your special day runs smoothly.

You also have a choice of Uniform and Tartan worn by the piper.

Available uniforms worn by the piper at weddings

Number 1 dress: full highland dress, feathered bonnet, plaid, horse hair sporran.

Number 2 dress: Braemar kilt jacket and waist coat, Glengarry, semi dress sporran.

Number 3 dress: Prince Charlie jacket and waist coat, dress sporran

To view all uniforms, go to the uniforms page.

Option 1

Piper playing to welcome guests and bridal party to the ceremony venue

Costs from £100.

Option 2

Piper playing to welcome guests and bridal party to the ceremony venue

Piper playing for the bridal entrance into the ceremony venue

Piper playing a tune on the Small Pipes for the signing of the register

Piper playing the bride and groom out of the ceremony venue

Piper will be available for photographs

(option available if required)

Piper playing while marching to lead the bridal car to the ceremony venue

Costs from £150.

Option 3

All of option 2 plus

Piper playing to welcome the bride and groom to the reception venue

Piper playing while leading the bridal party to the top table

Piper will carry out the traditional piper’s toast to the bride and groom

Costs from £170.

Option 4

Piper playing to welcome evening guests to the reception venue

Costs from £100.

Option 5

All of option 2, option 3 and option 4

Costs from £220.

Book early to ensure the piper is available for your special day